With the passing of our lead moderator, updates and developments slowed to a crawl. It is with the upmost gratitude and appreciation that we are announcing the retirement of
Truth is Undergone logged in one day to find that some a**hole deleted over 4000 of the mp3s that used to be hosted here. After throwing a few things attempting to reach someone via twitter and making comments to himself like "Gee this feels like when the site got hijacked in 2007 and the code was too breakable to work my designs into so I just changed the color of the logo then forced myself to learn a new programming language.", he is not gonna name names or cast any accusations in any directions, [except at people who removed thier name from the .htaccess file in the directory and set his password to "l494.w.dAffl2" (who the f puts periods in passwords?!)]. He has decided to let it go (he's still mad), and apologizes to all the remixers (mad on your behalf) that had high hopes of thier remixes being available to listen to here.

Take a look around at the mark this fan site made.

Not many people realize what an influential website, and community this has been for web 2.0.
With your help we developed and provided many of the things people take for granted nowadays, like streaming mp3s, video players, radio spaces, comments and rating systems, and even those silly little stars you used to click. Beleive it or not, theres a very good chance you first saw it here.

Even less people are aware of all the great artists who got started using the multitracks from our site, participants just like you who bloomed and flowered into internationally known musicians and performers. You were a part of that, whether it was crashing servers, leaving comments, or submitting your remixes. Beleive it or not, it all happened here.
500 remixes grew into 5000 in what seemed like less than a day, something the staff will never forget.
In a fashion only the truest NIN fans know, Undergone may be placing easter eggs here and there, and will leave the site as is beyond this page.

As Trent so famously said when this all started: "There is no agenda here.""
Only you, memorobilia, and our thanks.

Trent: Thanks for everything, and thanks for putting up with us wretched fans. 2005
The birth of a community. Undergone's fantrum. THTF Remix Contest. Community support.
What is a NIN Fan like?(just like you imagined)

What does a March of the pigs look like?(The art of self destruction)
In memory of 5 servers, and in honor of those who provided a new one as soon as needed.
What does a NIN fans heart look like? (are you brave enough to see?)
500 remixes, 20 judges, 10 contest winners. A web based streaming mp3 player.

2005 birth
Do NIN fans acknowledge the existence of other people?(there is no you)

Another streaming Mp3 Player

Your volunteer staff.

Three Point Oh Stat Us

Streaming Video Tube


A summer of live shows and LIVE NINBERRY (radio)


Starf*ckers (btw thanks for emailing me after you launched this groundbreaking, breathtaking, completly unrelated to NIN design, I would tell you on twitter but you blocked me. I would have told you at the time but I was busy trying to not be homeless.)


Goin Mobile (YAY I got to add a couple icons!)
The NIN Community is strong.


Over 4000 mp3s


Multi-coded. (finally learnt me some php)

201- no it doesn't really matter anymore. None of this.

Aaron House

The First Volunteer to join undergone in making ninremixes what it was. (We seriously logged into an email account, downloaded the mp3s sent to us, uploaded them manually via FTP. Then I would hard code the link into the html. It was pure blood sweat and tears but it was worth it. RIP Aaron House.

Would you find yourself? (find yourself afraid to see?) 2005-2023

Thank you. And goodnight. (Pigs).

-undergone out.