Leviathant: Master of Ceremony and Awards.

Undergone: Contest Coordinator/Site Designer
Seattle Washington, USA

PE: 8 years Audio/Video Editing, 3 yrs composing writing, 5 years audio production and sequencing, 2 full length albums. Highly versed, trained and experienced in PC based audio editing and tracking software.

ME: Well educated in music theory, Vocal Range Bass/Baritone, 6 yrs Djing, sheet music reading, time scale execution, Instrument knowlege: Synth/KBs, Brass, drums.

NIE: Owns Halos 1-17, all domestic and foreign versions, awaiting halo 18, 19 in mail. Child of the Broken era. Heard every rare, unreleased, remix, and/or other non halo NIN associated song. Memorized (unwillingly thru excessive listening) every single lyric, tone, beat etc of each song. Appeared briefly on nin.com.

Y: Sacrificed alot of time and effort into it already, even putting aside my own remixes, now I'm gonna see it thru till the end.

morethanshapes: List Compiler
Philadelphia, PA USA
PE: produced and mixed a friend's album, noodled with a great number of audio softwares, own music (shitty FL Studio techno shit) has been heard regularly in some guy's bar in Holland.

ME: educated in music theory, 5 years guitar/bass, 10 years piano, vocal range: baritone

NIE: missing only halo 15 v2 and the into the void single (some doubles on vinyl), child of TDS era. i <3 nin. plain and simple.

Y: just felt like compiling a list of all the mixes, and somehow i ended up being the official list dude... go figure. i'm enjoying it though.

Location: Boston, USA

PE: Graduated from Berklee college of Music with a Production and Engineering and Music Synthesis degree. Has been working as an engineer since 1999. Started a production company in 2003. Currently working at Blue Jay Recording in Boston.

ME: Some guitar, now fully focused on Syntesizer.

NIE: Child of the Broken era. Was inspired to enter into musical career by TDS. Internship at Nothing Studio's between December 2003 and March 2004. During that time was already working as an engineer, but had hoped to get to see the man do what he does. Has a letter of recomendation from the Studio Manager.

Y: Because I'm never going to finish my remix in time, so I can at least contribute in some way. Mine will be done around august.

Norfolk, UK

PE: Current Sound Engineer for a local battle of the bands competition. Journalist for another. Produced semi-EP's for two local bands (Sleepside Monument and Feed The Dead Sheep), as well as personal work. Training in Commercial Music and Sound Engineering, with a degree at Great Yarmouth College of Further Education and passed at Merit level. Has been involved in numerous events around the area including Rock Tech 2000-2001.

ME: 14 yrs keyboards, 3 years Bass, 2 yrs Guitar, 1 yr drums. Composed own material for as long as can remember. Grade 7 Theory Knowledge.

NIE: Went to the Astoria gig on 31st. Has all the Halo's (including Halo 18 vinyl and lmt box). Child of The Fragile Era.

Y: (No answer) (but hey, "Training in Commercial Music and Sound Engineering, with a degree at Great Yarmouth College of Further Education and passed at Merit level."...like its necassary after that.)

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PE: Third year student at the University of Toronto, specializing in Visual Culture, Communications and Information Technology.
Related Courses:
Critical Analysis of Media - Software used: iMovie
Moving Sound and Image - Software used: Final Cut Pro

Haven't had that much audio experience but... I have a good ear?

ME: Piano - 15 years (Royal Conservatory of Music: Canada). Guitar - 2 years. Organ - 15 years. Percussion - 2 years. Flute - 3 years. Choir - 4 years. Music theory - 10 years (Royal Conservatory of Music: Canada)

NIE: Owns 14 halos. Likes to Photoshop pictures of self with Trent.

Y: NIN provides the soundtrack to my life.


PE: Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering.Degree in Commercial Music Production and Management. Studio hand throughout Uni. Owns Pro-Tools and mini studio set up. Recorded and produced several EP's. Work in the business side of the music industry.

ME: Completed Amus in Piano (all grades of piano). 2nd Grade classical guitar.

NIE:Owns EVERY Halo - inc all 3 H13 and all import variations;ie HLAHx2 TDSx4 etc, Sin,PHM,TDS,Fragile and TFA on vinyl, all remixes and special appearances - u2, Peter Gabriel, Bowie, NERD, Tori Amos and more. At least 1 cd from each Nothing artist. Has seen 2 Big Day Out's in 2000. Flew from Sydney to London to see 2nd Astoria gig

Y: The Remixes all sound awesome - Trent should be proud!!

Location: Nor. California

PE: Done non-commercial sound design using a variety of professional hardware/software; Worked six-months in local recording studio in an intern capacity; Held paid position for CSU, Sacramento as a sequencer, and synth programmer (and performer) for the 2004 winter percussion session.

ME:Years playing/Years performing: piano (11/2 yrs), baritone sax (10/8 yrs), guitar (9/0 yrs), (jazz) bass guitar (5/3 yrs); In-depth study of music theory (both academic and non-) for 5 yrs.; Writing/arranging (4 yrs)

NIE: Owns Halos: 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15(v1-3), 16, 17(AATCHB DVD/CD, Still), 18, 19, a couple of vinyls, numerous bootlegs, remixes, and a couple of the tribute albums. First NIN show was the warm-up show at UCD and attended the second concert in San Francisco. Spent extensive time recreating and programming sounds from the NIN albums, especially Halo 14. Child of the Fragile era.

Y:I have very strong opinions about what constitutes a good remix and I would like to help make sure that only the best make it through. (Even though it is a remix, much like the original song, the remix should express some sort of coherent thought)

Memphis, TN

PE: 3+ years professional audio editing (non-music); 10+ years non-professional recording experience ranging from 4-tracks to software; experience recording/enhancing demos in local rock 'n' roll and industrial projects

ME: 10+ years playing guitar; 3+ years private and collegiate rock/jazz guitar lessons; regional finalist in 1999 Jimi Hendrix National Guitar Competition; recorded two tracks with TV Jesus for Invisible Records (Martin Atkins) compilation "Notes From Thee Real Underground"; private and university basic music theory classes; composed/performed numerous tracks for local rock 'n' roll, blues, hip-hop, dance, and industrial groups

NIE: Child of the PHM era when Down In It, Sin, & HLAH were club standards; Owns every halo; lived in New Orleans for 8 months; Trent signed copy of TF @ Angeli's; Walked the back alleys of the Quarter with mp3 player constantly blasting Just Like You Imagined; Will attend the Atlanta gig on May 21

Y: I'll have the time to do it; I'll enjoy it immensely; I have a love for all music and have a good ear for quality in any genre...plus you need a judge from the South to represent!


PE: Extensive experience in audio editing software. Possesses keen ear for audio sequences constructed in softwares such as Sony ACID 5.0 and Audacity, can decifer the amount of effort, experience, etc put into works constructed in such programs. Created Audio Background for Award winning short film.

ME: 11 years Piano experience in combination with music theory study, currently playing Bass Guitar. Is mentored in additional theoretical music based ideals by brother, a Jazz School Student.

NIE: All current Halos on CD, knowledge of every known song NIN has been involved in (Demos, B-Sides, Covers, Remixes, co-productions with other artists). Has yet to attend NIN live but owns large amount of bootlegs.

Y: I'm from Switzerland and I think it would be nice to have some dicersity in the culture of people as judges. And the neutrality of Switzerland is known throughout the world.

London, UK

PE: None

ME:Several years music theory; 2 years HS experience in music history, theory, and practice, including composing a piano fugue; 8 years trombone in a jazz band; approximately 26 years various amatuer singing in many groups, from church to gigs to karaoke ; 2 years bass guitar.

NIE: Live shows attended to date: Fragility 2.0 (Toronto), Astoria 31-Mar-05; Owns Halos 2,5,6,7,8,10,14, 16, 17 and ordered 20; Child of the TDS era.

Y:Because if we're going to encourage people, let's make it mean something. It's like too many people running marathons for fun, or in goofy costumes. Nothing wrong with it, but it detracts from the serious athletes if you don't recognise that theirs is the more serious and hard-won accomplishment. And my musical background is probably broad enough to bring significant appreciation. (nicely said!)

Winchester/London, UK

PE: Experience in Studio Production, Experience as Sound Operator for Drama Degree. Proffesional Sound Design Experience in London.

ME: 10 yrs misc instruments. Foucs insturment guitar. Reasonably high music theory.

NIE: NIN fan for over 10 years, owns every Halo, some in multiple formats or versions in order to have every track released. Can safely say knows every album track (except for those off With Teeth)inside out. Saw NIN live on the 30th of March in Astoria.

Y:"I've always been known to my friends as having interesting tastes in music. Some people say I have elitist tastes but I think I simply crave something new and interesting from music I spend time listening to. As a critic I think I am demanding but fair, without being too analytical, and very open-minded without being overly generous."

Location: Santee, CA
Production Experience: 5 years experience as a sound stage tech, ~ 1 year as amateur PC remixer (recently on Audacity)

Musical Experience: 14 years experience as a violinist, 7 as a violist, ~ 2 playing electric bass. Well versed in music theory.

NIE: Child of the TDS era. Owns all halos except 1, 13, 15, 17 and 18 (although the last two will be fixed soon). Attended Fragility 2.0 in Anaheim and will be attending With Teeth in San Diego May 30.

Y: Sometimes, you just gotta say "What the f*%$". Looks like there's a great bunch of judges already lined up-- I'd love to be a part of the fun.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

PE:7 months Recording at Home Studio. 2 years Assistant Producer Work in Full studio. Owns and is trained in the following Digital Music Recording Programs: Logic 7, Reason 3.0, Cubase SX, Ableton Live

ME: Member of a touring band (named "Rodge Dupre and the Pirates of Darkwater). Born into Guitarist Family.6 yrs guitar. 4 yrs Bass. Piano/Keyboards 3 yrs. Studied Musical Theory In Oxford, England. Obtained GCSEs & AS Levels.

NIE:Mother Claims saw the "Head Like a Hole" Video and started to cry. Child of the TDS-Pre-Fragile era. Has NEVER seen NIN live, but has a girlfriend to switch the light on and off really fast while listening to AATCHB REEEELY loud. On a scale, 1 being someone knows nothing, and 10 being someone who knows roughly what time Trent Reznor last uttered the phrase "New Paths To Helicon Part Two" before the Recording of the "Purest Feeling" Demo, is roughly a 7.

Y: "Ok, I'm going to be serious here.
Despite my somewhat pisstake before, I am really excited about this contest. Nothing excited me more than hearing new music made by people who really love what they do, and of course Nine Inch Nails falls in to that catagory. If chosen judge I can assure anyones remix that comes my way is judged in fair manner, as if it was my own. I will not judge on any personal oddities, but purely on the quality (musically, not sound of course) of the music that comes to my ears. This is why I Believe I should be judge."

Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia

PE: Currently studying audio engineering. Has worked in depth, with MANY mixing programs (Acid, Pro Tools, Adobe, drum machines, etc)Experience at a commercial radio station and has subsequently worked with a variety of audio editing tools. Proficient in audio editing software on both PC and Mac platforms.

ME:7 years piano, 7 years violin, Personal Production 5 years, trombone 3 years, percussion 2 years.

NIE:One Live show attendance: Big Day Out 2000 (Fragility v1.0), I own PHM, TDS DE, TF, WITT, THTF (cd, dvd and vinyl) and I am currently expanding my vinyl collection. Mentored by and raised in the TDS era.

Y: "I would have to be Tasmanias biggest NIN fan, not only because I adore his music, but because I can relate to the amount of work that has been put into the tracks that he has created. Also, I am from Australia, and as a result I can offer a different perspective to the remixes and provide greater cultural diversity which I believe is necessary to give the best decision of the remixes."

Location: Puyallup, Washington, USA

PE: Used to own the MTV Music Generator game for PS2 and made a couple crappy songs with it.

ME: Previous Guitar experience, DJ/Mixing experience.

NIE: Child of the TDS era. Owns all halo's but 9 and 15, six halos on vinyl.

Y: i listen to a lot of music. thats all i do besides homework. currently in college, and working as a security guard. all i do at work is sit in the car listening to music all night. also on a high-speed connection, so downloading all the stuff isn't a problem.

location: Nebraska, USA

PE: Experience mixing/tracking with local bands at a local studio. Some production experience with bands/artists, helping them polish songs, rearrange parts, and generally make the best song possible.

ME: Guitar and Bass 6 years. Some piano/keyboard. Band member, and producer of some electronic. Vocalist, mostly harmony. Has this opinion of music theory: I run light on theory, because I think learning too much theory has a tendency to restrain you, rather than open you up to new things. Composes songs/riffs on a regular basis and records them for later use.

NIE: Child of the TDS era. Owns everything but into the void, WITT, and closure, currently. Has 8 gigabytes of NIN stuff on computer, in constant rotation, and is basically all that is listened to. Knows all the words, all the parts, the beats, and basically everything related to all the tracks from each album, 99% of non-album tracks, a number of fan remixes, and a large-ish collection of live bootlegs. Missed out on seeing NIN twice in the past due to various circumstances, will finally be attending the May 3/4 Denver shows. Frequented NIN discussion boards for the past 6 years or so, starting with the nin.com boards, and then moving on to ETS.

Y: Well, I suppose, because I want to, and I'm a very good judge of music. I think I'd provide a fairly unique view on the tracks, without being a pitchfork-type-faux-music-reviewer.

Tucson, AZ

PE: 5 year home Pro-Tools rigs

ME: 5 years self taught gtr, software, and synths

NIE: Child of the TDS era. Owns all official releases

Y: i like to let the music do the talking; i stay off the map. in this way, i think i'd be professional enough to give a straight forward judgment.

United Kingdom, Hull.

PE: One year Producing, and is really keen to learn more about production.

ME: Currently in the band Filter One. Plays Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. Also works with remixes, Synth, and Drums. (editors note: could really be a one man band...kinda like someone else we all know...hmm...)

NIE: Child of the Fragile era. Has goals set to obtain all halos. Will be attending NIN, July at Manchester .

Y: I have quite good hearing and can tell a good remix when I hear one. I am not biased, so I would listen to them all, over and over again, breaking them down to pick out the very best two.

Houston, Tx USA

PE: Knowledgable of a variety of hardware and software including Pro Tools, Acid Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, among others. Has recorded countless gigs of various sounds for use at local Network Stations. Produced a number of local band's demos. Currently producing and recording first EP. Took music classes throughout middle and high school. Got to college and decided music classes sucked soul out.

ME: 18 years guitar experience, 12 years piano, and 12 years brass (tuba, trombone, baritone, trumpet) instruments along with some woodwinds. Formed and preformed as "Nipple" for 7 years. Played various venues around Texas. Got paid sometimes.

NIE: Listening since I was about 8 years old. (That's for about 16 years.) Child of the PHM era. Owns every Halo and all non-Halo stuff. Can play all songs except some of the new ones. Has spent more of life following the career of NIN than paying attention to acting own age.

Y: Because I want to. 8] I'm off this weekend. I like listening to remixes. I'm have a strong opinion about things, but always very honest and un-biased.

Kensington, Maryland

ME: Played classical guitar since the age of 7 (is now 21). Throughout that time, tried to familiarize self with instruments outside of the string spectrum to pretty much gain a better understanding of how music, as a whole, operates and functions.

PE:In mid-1999 begun to experiment with home recording, using amateur software such as Cool Edit Pro and Goldwave. Recording mostly electronica, was asked to create a soundtrack for a popular underground racing DVD series called Mischief. Following that, began recording music for self. Jazz, industrial, nu metal, whatever fit mood on that day. This love for learning to produce was mostly sparked by Trent Reznor. He was the model for pretty much everything music related. Got lost in the game of learning each and every piece of software. Currently, is fluent in SONAR 4.0, Reason, CUBASE VST, and a few lesser known production software. Through this knowledge, composes songs for current band Vonnis in which plays guitar and sings. Likes to think has a great ear for sound and its nuances, and trys to study music theory to its fullest whenever has time.

NIE: Nine Inch Nails journey began in 1999 and The Fragile, in which thought was an absolutely beautiful and atmospheric piece of work. Worked way backwards, collecting every Halo imaginable and attending first (and given the time the only) NIN concert during the Fragility Tour, which was amazing. Finds the NIN project to be one of the most important assets to music today.

Y: I believe I understand sound very well. I love music, I love creating it, I love producing and mixing it, and I especially love the brand of music that NIN sits in. These remixes are very varied and I feel a lot that really deserve attention will get looked over simply due to the amazing amount of them. I have immense patience when it comes to music projects and I devote my time fully to anything related. Therefore I feel that I can be trusted to listen to these with the utmost attention they deserve.