By 2/3 Vote, the VIP Panel (which has been asked to remain anonymous for security reasons) has decided that the following are the winners of The Unofficial THTF Fan Remix Contest:

1st Place:Pinionist

1x 12" THTF Promo
1x THTF 9" UK Ltd. Promo
3x WT-era NIN logo bumper stickers
2x WT Post Cards.
3x TDS:DE Window Clings
1x Worldwide recognition and bragging rights as the best THTF remixer.

2nd Place:Nynex Vs. Trent Cantrelle

1x THTF 9" UK Ltd. Promo
1x THTF UK Hybrid CD/DVD
1x WT-era NIN logo bumper sticker
1x TDS:DE Window Cling

3rd Place:Red Room Version

1x THTF UK Digipak
1x WT-era NIN logo bumper sticker
1x TDS:DE Window Cling


Thank you to everyone for your participation, and sticking through the long waits, it has been quite a journey. Prizes will be disperesed to the winners accordingly.


The Full 500 List...

Thanks to some GREAT benefactors, the full 500 list is back up in its original glory! More remixes in addition to these are also available on www.ninremixes.com

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Voters Choice Remixes

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#1. Nynex Vs. Trent Cantrelle (189 Votes)

#2. Pinionist (187 Votes)

#3. Red Room Version (179 Votes)

#4. Jackles Final Remix (102 Votes)

#5. 5ilent narcotic Remix (71 Votes)

#6. Hellzapops Down on Your Knees Remix (41 Votes)

#7. Love is Insanity Mix (38 Votes)

#8. Straight Piano mix (32 Votes)

#9. Bite the Arcade Remix (28 Votes)

#10. 10-35 productions mix (18 Votes)

Congratulations to these remixers, you have earned yourselves a permanent spot on this page, for the world to listen to your remixes.

Thank you one and all for your participation and making this a great event, from start to finish.



All made possible by:
Trent Reznor/nin.com - THTF Garageband Files

Prizes provided by:
theninhotline.net and hippygeek

Contest Staff:
Leviathant/theninhotline.net - Concept, Prizes, Admin.
Undergone - Too much to list? ;)
morethenshapes - List Compiler, Die Hard Contributor, Artist
FreeRadical09 - Beta Testing
dalexdesign - Round 1 Standalone Player Design
The Judges
The Members of Echoingthesound.org
DigitalSyn - Unlimited Bandwidth and hosting for player
harshmage.com - Top 40 Download Mirror 1

Ipower.com - Top 40 Download Mirror 2
Caffiene, countless hours, and the music of NIN


Special thanks.....


To all the remixers, artists, judges, staff, members, participants, voters, listeners, and absolutely everyone involved in making this such a great contest.

Sam Turkbas, and elektrosniper, your contributions will never be forgotten.

The staff at theninhotline.net for all thier support, and hard work, constantly keeping us informed about the important things in life. ;)

Everyone at echoingthesound.org, staff and members alike, for providing such a great community.

The folks at Interscope, for promoting, and exposing us to NIN.

To NIN live, Trent and his respective live ensemble, bringing the untold destruction to our ears in which will always happilly embrace and enjoy.

And especially, many many thanks to Trent Reznor, for more than will fit on this page, but in particular making this all possible. Your fans applaud, and honor your presence in thier everyday lives. Nothing can stop you...period...