Multitrack Sources

On this page, you can download the multitrack sources for each of the open sourced Nine Inch Nails tracks. You will need these to create your own remixes. They are listed in alphabetical order and categorized by official and unofficial releases.

Starting with the Year Zero, multitracks have been release in "full length" format, which means the tracks can easily combine to re-create the original track. This makes it easy for beginners to use in any program.
The original multitracks for The Hand That Feeds and Only have been converted to the same format for your convenience.
The officially released multitracks have been untouched and are presented in their original compressed archives.
Some converted and unofficial multitracks have been losslessly compressed using the FLAC Codec.
If your audio program does not support FLAC, you can easily decompress these to WAV using official programs from the FLAC website.

Official Multitracks

These are multitracks for songs officially released by NIN.

The Hand That Feeds

- The first official multitrack source release. (April 15th, 2005)

Read me (from Trent)
GaragebandFull Length (Converted)
The Hand That Feeds Download Download


- The second official multitrack source release. (June 25th, 2005)

Read me (from Website)
MacWinFull-Length (Converted)
Digidesign Pro ToolsDownload Download Download
Ableton Live Download Download Download
Sony Acid (nin_origacidproject) Download Download
Sony Acid (nincomplete) Download Download

Year Zero

- These were released in all 3 formats.

Read me (from DVD)
01 Hyperpower! Download Download Download
02 The Beginning of the End Download Download Download
03 Survivalism Download Download Download
04 The Good Soldier Download Download Download
05 Vessel Download Download Download
06 Me, I'm Not Download Download Download
07 Capital G Download Download Download
08 My Violent Heart Download Download Download
09 The Warning Download Download Download
10 God Given Download Download Download
11 Meet Your Master Download Download Download
12 The Greater Good Download Download Download
13 The Great Destroyer Download Download Download
14 Another Version Of The Truth Download Download Download
15 In This Twilight Download Download Download
16 Zero-Sum Download Download Download

The Slip

Full Length
01 999,999Download
02 1,000,000Download
03 Letting YouDownload
04 DisciplineDownload
05 EchoplexDownload
06 Head DownDownload
07 Lights in the SkyDownload
08 Corona RadiataDownload
09 The Four of Us are DyingDownload
10 Demon SeedDownload

Ghosts I-IV

- When submitting, choose "Ghosts" from the list and include the number before the remix title.

Read Me (From DVD)
Full Length
01 Ghosts I Download
02 Ghosts I Download
03 Ghosts I Download
04 Ghosts I Download
05 Ghosts I Download
06 Ghosts I Download
07 Ghosts I Download
08 Ghosts I Download
09 Ghosts I Download
Full Length
10 Ghosts II Download
11 Ghosts II Download
12 Ghosts II Download
13 Ghosts II Download
14 Ghosts II Download
15 Ghosts II Download
16 Ghosts II Download
17 Ghosts II Download
18 Ghosts II Download
Full Length
19 Ghosts III Download
20 Ghosts III Download
21 Ghosts III Download
22 Ghosts III Download
23 Ghosts III Download
24 Ghosts III Download
25 Ghosts III Download
26 Ghosts III Download
27 Ghosts III Download
Full Length
28 Ghosts IV Download
29 Ghosts IV Download
30 Ghosts IV Download
31 Ghosts IV Download
32 Ghosts IV Download
33 Ghosts IV Download
34 Ghosts IV Download
35 Ghosts IV Download
36 Ghosts IV Download
Full Length
37 Ghosts Download
38 Ghosts Download

Non-NIN Multitracks

Trent has also shared some multi-tracks from his non-nin projects, and some artists that Trent has worked with have been kind enough to share their multitracks.
Please upload remixes of these using the unoffical upload page
Full Length
How To Destroy Angels - A DrowningDownloadTrent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Atticus Ross
How To Destroy Angels - The Space In BetweenDownloadTrent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig, Atticus Ross
The Social Network Soundtrack - In MotionDownloadTrent Reznor, Atticus Ross
The Social Network Soundtrack - On We MarchDownloadTrent Reznor, Atticus Ross
Saul Williams - BreakDownload Music, Backing Vocals by Trent
Saul Williams - Banged and Blown ThroughDownloadMusic by Trent
Pigface - SuckDownloadVocals by Trent
Street Sweeper Social Club - Fight Smash WinDownload
Janes Addiction - Chip AwayDownload
Janes Addiction - WhoresDownload

Unofficial Multitracks

Please also upload remixes of these using the unoffical upload page
Starfuckers, Inc.Download
The Day The World Went AwayDownload
The Big Come Down
(Competition Winner)
Full Length
Capital GDownload
March Of The PigsDownload
The CollectorDownload
The Hand That FeedsDownload
The Perfect DrugDownload