Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Official Remix?
A: A remix of one of the open sourced songs that NIN has officially released the Multitrack Sources for.

Q: What is an Unofficial Remix?
A: A remix of any NIN song that has not been officially open sourced by NIN.

Q: What is a Cover?
A: A band performing their own rendition of a NIN song with their own instruments & vocals.

Q: What is a Fan Inspired Song?
A: An entirely original song performed by a band that was inspired by NIN.

Q: What is Audio Poetry?
A: A category where stuff goes that doesn't fit into the previous four categories.

Q: What happened to the staff picks?
A: We removed the staff picks list. They will return in a sense once the user accounts feature is finished. With that feature, not only will you be able to see which staff members like which remixes, but also which remixes any user likes.

Q: How is popularity calculated?
Short Answer: popularity = ((number of ratings above two stars / downloads) * average rating)
Long Answer: Think of it like a percentage. A song with ten downloads & nine ratings of five stars is 90% popular. Another song with nine ratings of five stars but with 100 downloads is only 9% popular. They've both been given an identical rating, but the second song has been downloaded 90 more times & those 90 people didn't feel the song was remarkable enough to review or even rate, so the first song is probably the better of the two. This is of course all an educated guess at coming up with what the "best" remixes are & this formula isn't fool proof, especially seeing as how "best" is a subjective term.

Q: What is the "tagging" feature?
A: Tags are short words or phrases which describe the song. Tagging songs helps make songs easier to find using the search box. Please note that while all tags are scanned during a search, only the three most popular of all this song's tags will be displayed on the song's Info Page.

Q: Who is
A: is primarily a Christopher Kunferman and Eric Newport production, however there is also a team of moderators who volunteer their time to monitor and post incoming submissions.